Monday, 23 February 2015

Binding The Strong Man

Mark 3:27, No one can enter a strong mans house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man, And then he will plunder his house.
The strong man is a satanic personality in charge or responsible for a strong hold.

 The scripture says… For the weapon of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of STRONG HOLD. 2 Cor: 10.4
A strong Hold is a fortified place that Satan builds to exalt himself against the knowledge of God & plans of God.

Satan always tries to hide these Strongholds; he tries to keep people in ignorance about these strongholds.

He always tries to operate under the cover of darkness. The only thing that exposes him is the light of God’s word.

When Satan stronghold remains concealed, the strongman is safe & can operate without being identified.
As soon as the strongman is exposed, the battle is half won that is why the issue of identifying the strong man is of absolute importance.

A strong man is Satan’s delegated authority over a strong hold. A strong man may have other evils spirits operating under its domain of authority, the strong man is the RULING SPIRIT.

The strong man must be bound.
Bitterness is a ruling spirit & under its domain of authority are other spirits namely…Resentment…Hatred…Murder...Unforgiveness…Temper…Anger!

1. There strong man over Nations/Cities…
Strong man in Charge of Religion/Beliefs.

2. Strong Man in Charge of the Families: There are certain trends that can be traced in a particular family for generations & there seems to be a vicious cycle of the misfortunes that are repeated every now & then.
In some families, anyone who tries to excel in life dies young & this is because the strong man that rules over that family as its stronghold set a limitation in that family.

In other families divorce is inevitable, & there can hardly be stables marriages in such families.

In some families drunkenness has a consistent history. Men born into such families spend all their money on alcohol, that there nothing left to meet the needs of the home.
In order cases, the issues are malignant disease that seems to be hereditary from one generation to another; people born into such families seemingly inherited these diseases.
There is a common trend that runs through the family generation after generation. -This is an indication of the operation of a strong man.

3. Strong Man over Individuals: In this particular instance Satan builds up personal strongholds to influence the lives of particular individuals.

In some lives, you would realize that individual have not been able to overcome some sins, ways of thinking, feelings, attitudes & behavior patterns, though they may know it’s not right
You see, every consistent negative attitudes or emotions reaction is controlled by a strong man.

For some people its pride or anger, what you call bad temper, but they also acknowledge that it’s not good and yet they can’t do anything about it.

Bad habits which hold men & women in captivity are controlled by a strong man.

There are many other operations of different strong man which must be identified & the hold destroyed.

Take spiritual responsibility for your life; don’t depend on everyone else for your spiritual well-being.
Confess the word over your life. Pray strong prayers that will rout the enemy. Do not allow self-pity to hold you back.

Stir yourself up in to prayer.

This is the key to overcoming life issues…Those who experienced deliverance either came or were brought to Jesus…
Someone had to take the initiative. It all begins with a decision. You cannot allow passivity rob of your deliverance. You must open your mouth…

Your deliverance is as close as your mouth.
There are many people frustrated with life, people struggles can become overwhelmed by doubt & failure. Some are battling stress, & pressure that often lead to emotional & physical problem.

Jesus spent a great deal of time ministering to the oppressed.
Deliverance is the children bread; every child of God has the right to enjoy the benefits of deliverance. Deliverance brings freedom & joy. 

The breakthroughs you will see are, supernatural…
Healing will multiply…
  • Long – term bondage will be destroyed.
  • Hidden roots will be exposed and eliminated.
  • Inexplicable problems will be solved. Stubborn obstacles will be removed. Circles of life failure will be broken.
Some of you, who experience deliverance & release, you will see notable changes.

Sometimes the change is progressive & sometimes instantaneous.
The change however will be dramatic

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