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I once read about an elderly Christian lady who lived all alone. Partly crippled, she had to rely primarily on the good will & help of her neighbours. She spent some of her weary hours keeping a diary, although no one knew why; for she had precious little to record. Finally the Lord called her to himself. It is reported that she lay dead for several days before anyone missed her! In looking through her few belongings, someone discovered her diary. Most of the book contained nothing of interest. In fact, near the end of her life, as one monotonous day followed another, she wrote only three pathetic words on page after page: "No one came! NO ONE CAME!" In essence, she left a record saying, "I am so lonely!"
Read these quotes...
Alfred Lord Tennyson visited Queen Victoria and wrote, "Up there in all her glory and splendor she was lonely!"
Vance Havner was one of America’s greatest preachers for many years before his death. Before he went home to be with the Lord, his wife of many years died. After his wife passed, Havner called himself, "God's lonely old man." He was looking forward to being reunited with her in heaven.
Albert Einstein reportedly once said, “It is strange to be so universally known and yet to be so lonely.”
Loneliness strikes at the heart of the most famous & the totally unknown people of the world. 
Loneliness is a real problem and a real issue for everyone at one time or another.
Most of us do not think of loneliness when we view the Great Commission. This passage is often looked at as one dealing with evangelism, missions & church growth, & certainly those elements are in this passage; however there is much more here. Note in the Great Commission that the greatest person in the world, gave the greatest group in the world, the greatest task in the world, but He still realized that they would need the assurance of the divine presence with them in order to complete it. I do not believe Jesus told us of His abiding presence simply because of the need for power to carry out the task, but He promised His presence because He knew that all who live in this world face loneliness. 
Matt 28:18-20, And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.
The question is, If Loneliness is such an issue! How can we be rid of loneliness! 
One man went to the psychiatrist and said, "Please doctor, make me a split personality." The doctor asked why. The man replied, "So I can talk to myself." Well, many of us talk to ourselves but the conversation can be depressing!
Note in the Great Commission that we find the answer for loneliness.
1. You Must have a Supernatural Identity... Jesus came to His disciples because they belonged to Him. He spoke to them. He commanded them. He promised them. He loved them. He led them. When you belong to Jesus, He comes to you, He speaks to you, He commands you, He promises you, He loves you & He leads you. He can remove your loneliness.

2. You Must have a Spiritual Community... The disciples were sent out two-by-two. Why didn’t the Lord send them out alone? The Lord knew we needed to have the presence of fellow servants along the road of life. Even serving Him requires fellow servants by our side. The Bible tells us not to abandon our meeting together. God meant for us to be in a community of believers. 
We need each other. The Lord is with us as Christians all the time, but He promised a special presence when we meet together. 
Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.””
The Pentecost event, when the Holy Spirit was first poured out on all believers, is an interesting occurrence. You see, Pentecost was the reversal of Babel! When the Tower of Babel was built, God confused the languages & people were separated from each other. At Pentecost, God brought all the believers together in unity even though they came from different languages, various countries and multiple backgrounds. They understood each other. 

Loneliness was replaced with love and partnership! Separation was replaced with association & fellowship. Those deeply involved in God’s work in the local church have a community of life and support around them at all times.
3. You Must have a Servant Mentality... "Go..make..teach..baptise.." Jesus tells us to reach out to others. One way to overcome loneliness is to minister to others. No matter how lonely you are, there are people out there that are lonelier than you are. 
Someone once said, “To have a friend, be a friend.” God says, “To have a friend, have the Friend closer than a brother & go serve in His name.” When we reach out to help others in Jesus name, loneliness evaporates. People are waiting for someone to take away their loneliness; God calls on you to go help someone else know of His salvation and love. When we obey Him, our loneliness flees!

A young boy named Bill was walking home from school with his arms filled with various things when suddenly he tripped and dropped them on the sidewalk. Books, a tape recorder, a baseball bat, baseball glove, & two sweaters spilled all over the place. Another student named David was walking behind him. He hurried over to Bill, whom he did not know, & helped him pick things up & carry them home. Bill invited David into his home. They drank a soft drink & watched Television. They became good friends. They did many things together over the next three years until they came to high school graduation night. Bill came up to David and said, "There is something I must tell you. You remember the day I was walking home from school & dropped my books and things? Well, have you ever wondered why I was carrying those things home that day? I had cleaned out my locker & was going home to kill myself. I was so lonely and life had no meaning, I was ready to kill myself. I had saved a few of my mother's sleeping pills & I was going to take them that afternoon. David, the day you picked up my books, you picked up my life. You saved my life."
If you want to overcome loneliness, look for someone to help. It will not only rid you of loneliness, you just might save someone’s life – or better yet, you might help them come to know Christ & experience a soul that is saved for eternity.

Someone has said that we need three basic things in life:
1. We need to be loved... You are loved and in Christ you are identified with Him. No one ever cared for me like Jesus. He loves you and abides with the Christian at all times.
2. We need to be understood... In Christ, you are understood. In God's loving family you discover who you are and what you are do with your life. I have found that a church family is a wonderful place to dispatch loneliness. There are people in the family of God who will love you, help you, pray for you, & work for the Lord alongside you.
3. We need to be needed... In the family of God you are needed. Everyone has something to do in God’s kingdom.
When I was a disciple my pastor told me I belonged & God has something for me...I asked what can I do! So I started setting up the chairs for chair. As time went on I was appointed as an usher. That ministry it locked me in & I was so busy, no time to be lonely! 
What can you u do for God in this church? You are needed! Find a place to serve God’s people. Don’t wait around to be served. You can defeat loneliness by being a servant to others.
Jesus told us to go out into the world & reach people! He promised to be with us. Because of His presence with us, & our presence in serving Him among others, loneliness can be dispelled & defeated! As we serve Him, He promises to be with us.

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